To share before...

1. Bullshit free area

Thank you for reading this. Created just for you. This is the foundation for our vision and ambition, for the upcoming years. We are game-changers in the functional food area and reading this could help you to stay on track.
Reading this might give you also some insights that help you to stay fit every day of your life, at work, at school or on your way to conquer the world... which might help you enjoy it more... which will make you better... which means "WOW" the whole world feels awesome!
Our ambition is huge and our eagerness is even bigger. We'd love the whole world to experience the taste & freshness of the Quark Bar. We want to make a difference and created one of the most delicious fresh dairy snacks - our Quark Bars Vanilla, Caramel, Choco, Yogurt Wildberry. 


2. Who the $%§& is QUARKWERK?

Quarkwerk was founded 2019 and we have been given a special kind of superpower to create one of the most delicious dairy sensations. Nothing more to say, no more ace to play... :)
...besides there are a few nice guys (and ladies) behind these companies who are supporting QUARKWERK: 
- Investitionsbank Berlin- Deutsche Bank- Hungry Ventures - BIO COMPANY - denn´s- LPG- BASIC- EDEKA NbST - EDEKA Foodtechcampus- REWE Süd - NX-Food,  - KALACEVA
...and so many others. Thank you!